Pilot Registry info
Title : Ti6Al4V after melting processed: APR, IT, Piedmont
Acronym : NANOTUN3D APR Line for machining and heat treatment of nanomodified Ti64
Legal Info
Title : Apr Srl
PIC Code : 999705378
Type of Organization : SME - Small and Medium Enterprises
Description : APR is a SME specialized in design and production of precision components and assemblies, delivering QUALITY – ON TIME with top performances in terms of cost reduction through smart manufacturing.\\\
APR production is capable to manufacture metallic parts from any type of raw material alloys, including super-alloys, γ-Ti and any Stainless Steel, Titanium and Aluminum, as well as Hi-Performing Polymer compounds.\\\
Thanks to an unmatched level of investments in R&D towards innovative manufacturing and smart production, we are ready to serve any industry sector where production engineering and manufacturing capabilities are a must to produce with 5-axis CNC machines precision components and assemblies under any severe traceable quality standards.\\\
APR manages the entire sourcing of materials, special treatments, NDT or any external specific production phase and we deliver precision OEM assemblies under proven and certified kaizen/lean manufacturing methods in order to meet Customers MRP just-in-time feeding requirements.\\\
APR has qualified engineers to self-release our products according to the quality requirements of GKN Aerospace and GE Aviation.\\\
Under these paradigms APR produces aero-engine and aero-structure COMPONENTS, SUB-ASSY and EQUIPMENTS for the main players for both engines and aircraft sector such as Blisks/IBR, engine casings, mounts, brackets and links, monolithic window frames, Jack Screws and Pivot Fittings for horizontal stabilizers.\\\
With this background, APR is successfully serving the Power Generation industry too, supplying centrifugal impellers up to 1400 mm diameter and airfoils.\\\
Recently APR became the key leader of a cluster composed by SMEs entities in the Italian aerospace district.
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