Pilot Registry info
Title : Continuous CNT deposition on prepreg
Acronym : Continuous CNT deposition on prepreg
Legal Info
Title : Panepistimio Patron
PIC Code : 999894528
Type of Organization : HES - Higher Education and Universities
Description : Research Organization working with the field of materials & structures giving emphasis in the science, the technology and the applications of composite materials.
Expertise in R&D for composite manufacturing techniques, material design and characterization, tooling development for small/lab scale machines for composites production, experimental production line for nano-treated prepreg, building educational tools for training sessions in field of composite materials, academic dissemination activities. AML/UoP is an accredited Test House for various mechanical tests for composites and has broad experience in participation in international collaborative R&D activities (EU, ESA, NSF etc)
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