Pilot Registry info
Title : Electrospraying process to deposit nanoparticles for functional coatings
Acronym : Electrospraying of nanoparticles
Address : Calle Algepser, 65 - Nave 3 | Parque Empresarial Táctica | 46980 Paterna (Valencia) | Spain
Legal Info
Title : Bioinicia SL
PIC Code : 952539904
Type of Organization : SME - Small and Medium Enterprises
Description : Bioinicia is a company with R&D and production expertise in both electrospinning and electrospraying processes. Scientists, engineers, project managers and manufacturing operators all working towards a common goal: to support our partners at all stages of their development.

We have a wide range of experience in developing micro or nanofiber-based membranes and coatings (electrospinning), and in encapsulation of functional ingredients, bioactives, natural extracts and biological materials (electrospraying).
We have developed micro/nanostructured products for a wide variety of applications including: filtration, agrochemicals, functional materials, textiles, fuel cells, etc… although the focus of Bionicia’s expertise are in the fields of: pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic and encapsulation of food-nutraceuticals.

The electrospinning company Bioinicia’s state-of-the art industrial manufacturing facilities for electrospinning and drying-encapsulation have been designed in-house to the highest standards to enable reliable and consistent production for our customers.
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