Pilot Registry info
Title : Thermal spraying of Nanomaterials, Cold Gas Spray (CGS)
Acronym : Thermal spraying of Nanomaterials, Cold Gas Spray (CGS)
Legal Info
Title : Cromomed SA
PIC Code : 929510455
Type of Organization : SME - Small and Medium Enterprises
Description : Cromomed S.A. starts its activities in March 1993 manufacturing hard chrome plating and electrical discharge texturing (EDT) rolls used by steel companies supplying automotive industry. Before the use of these technologies, the steel process used non-chromed rolls. This situation resulted in the wear and tear of the roughness obtained by means of grit blasting. Moreover, the grit blasting impeded obtaining consistent roughness above 3 – 5 microns.
These issues were finally solved by the use of EDT and hard chrome plated rolls. Besides, the EDT process allows homogeneous values, and high microroughness reproducibility. The development of high strength steels with low thickness and new water paint techniques for exposed panels, increased the adoption of these technologies from 2004. Since then, our company has expanded its activities to other sectors like aluminium and stainless steel rolling.
Additionally, as it is necessary to have a precise geometric profile to achieve good values of flatness and waviness in the processed material, the company installed state of the art grinding equipment.

Since 2012, our company is focused on innovation and high added value products.
In this indutrial context, we are participating in R&D projects with a medium and long term development perspective.
Hence, the company has developed Cold Gas Spray (CGS) technology as a promising tool for the development of new coatings.
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