Pilot Registry info
Title : Pre-pilot system (400 cm2 square section)
Acronym : MIDES Pilot Line: Pre-pilot system (400 cm2 square section)
Legal Info
Title : Fundacion Imdea Agua
PIC Code : 992925951
Type of Organization : REC - Research Organisations
Description : The IMDEA-Water, a project of scientific excellence and technological impact, has driven the Community of Madrid towards an excellent situation to consolidate its position as a national and international reference within the integrated water management field.

The creation of this Institute, with the participation companies of the sector, with more than one hundred in our region, will strengthen the competitiveness and potential technological innovation of the CM within Spain and will position it at the head of this strategic sector with such a great economic repercussion.

A multidisciplinary area like this not only has to be innovative but also has to invigorate other sectors such as materials, supplies and ICT, among others. Undoubtedly, the Institute has to direct efforts towards the creation of technology and the revitalization of this sector and other activities of related sectors.
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