Pilot Registry info
Title : Pilot plant process for anti-ageing actives nanoencapsulation and application
Acronym : Pilot plant for anti-ageing actives nanoencapsulation
Address : BIGUES I RIELLS, Spain
Legal Info
Title : Telic Sau
PIC Code : 932093371
Type of Organization : PRC - Private Profit Sector
Description : Telic group manufactures and sells hospital equipment and cosmetic products to health, wellness, and sports sectors worldwide.
Right from the start Telic has manufactured medical devices. Over the years it has increased its range while creating new divisions linked with the physiotherapy, sports and cosmetics and beauty sector. We are dynamic, active and innovative, both in developing new products and in implementing new, improved production systems. This also applies to our presence throughout the world: we are currently present in more than eighty countries on all five continents and our international department is committed to selecting the best partners in order to keep growing.
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