Pilot Registry info
Title : GeSiM platform BS3.1 pilot plant with the new generation of screw extruder heads to process thermoplastic bio-resorbable polymers with high amount of fillers and with two masterbatch feeding systems.
Acronym : BS3.1 pilot plant for the production of scaffold for bone regeneration
Address : GeSiM - Gesellschaft für Silizium-Mikrosysteme mbH
c/o Rossendorfer Technologiezentrum
Bautzner Landstrasse 45, D-01454 Radeberg, Germany
Legal Info
PIC Code : 998061713
Type of Organization : PRC - Private Profit Sector
Description : GeSiM was founded 1995 as a spin-off from the Rossendorf Research Center. The company is a non-public and privately held entity.
GeSiM is specialized in liquid handling automation, microfluidics and micro contact printing. As a leading supplier of submicroliter dispensers GeSiM developed a unique design for piezoelectric pipetting tips, based on silicon-glass chips. The benchtop pipetting system Nano-Plotter runs up to 16 of these accurate dispensers and is mainly used as non-contact arrayer for microarrays, biochips and biosensors. The Nano-Plotter line follows a strictly modular concept and “grows” with the applications of their owners. Postsales upgrade and a variety of accessories help to bridge the gap from research to production. The Nano-Plotter is successfully used for the production of (FDA) certified diagnostic products.
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