Pilot Registry info
Title : Obducat Nano Imprint Lithography based Pilot Production Plant.
Acronym : Obducat Pilot Plant
Operation Starting Date : 2016-11-01
Address : Scheelevägen 2. SE-22363 Lund Sweden
Legal Info
Title : Obducat Technologies AB
Type of Organization : SME - Small and Medium Enterprises
Description : Nano Imprint Lithography processes, services and equipment.
Obducat is the world-leading supplier of lithography solutions enabling advanced micro- and nano- patterning of surfaces.

Obducat develops and delivers innovative products and technologies focused on processes used in production and replication of advanced micro- and nanostructures.

Obducat supplies its customers with process equipment as well as process know-how applied in both high volume production and R&D. Obducat's products and services are aimed at custumers within various fields such as LED-, biomedical-, display-, MEMS-, semiconductor- and solar cell industries.
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