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Network Title : Digital Innovation HUBs Network

Type of Organization : PRC - Private Profit Sector

TRL Focus :

Relevant Market :


3IF.be is the intiative in Belgium to support the digital transformation of manufacturing companies into Industrie 4.0, Industrial Internet and Industrial IoT. The platform connects manufacturers in different industries (process and discrete manufacturing), Digital Platform providers, IoT technology providers, connectivity and system integrators and advisory. Our role is to support the industry as a whole and to foster the development of the market, facilitate collaboration and drive the interest of the industry. We work together with research facilities such as KU Leuven, IMEC, Flanders Make, Flanders Food and SIrris in Flanders. We operate a fieldlab on Condition Based Maintenance and we are a partner of the Industrial Internet Consortium, the Industrial Data Space Association, the regional (Flanders) Industrie 4.0 initiative (https://www.industrie40.vlaanderen/), AIOTI, ECSO and we are an executive partner for Security guidance in the Connected Factories CSA coordinated by EFFRA for the Factories of the Future projects in Europe and the European Commission Connected Factories activities (https://www.effra.eu/connectedfactories), .


Seldeslachts Ulrich [email protected] +32475173602

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DIGIHALL, at the heart of digital innovation. DIGIHALL is the beating heart of international digital innovation “made in France”. Based in the so called “Silicon Saclay” and its vibrant and unavoidable innovation ecosystem, DIGIHALL is federating the scientific excellency from all over the world and sets up the perfect infrastructures for an efficient, sharp and modern transfer of knowledge and technology to the industrial actors at stake on the most challenging topics : artificial intelligence, cyber physical systems, cybersecurity and factories of the future are within the hands of the best experts and engineers for a brighter future.DIGIHALL, the place you want to be.The founding members of DIGIHALL are: Inria, CEA, Institut Mines-Télécom, Systematic Paris-Region and SystemX.DIGIHALL is sponsored by the Île-de-France Regional Council and supported by Université Paris-Saclay.

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